Starting with photography

Starting with photography is not very difficult or expensive. Sometimes I notice that people have the idea that with an expensive camera you can take better photos than with a cheaper one. Now it seemed to me that the average smartphone has proven the opposite, but not everyone is convinced yet.

Let us therefore take a closer look at photography, because what does it actually mean?

  • Photo means light
  • Graphy means writing

Photography is therefore nothing more or less than : “writing with light”.

Starting with photography is like writingThe comparison with writing is made more often. At primary school you will learn how to write with a pen and learn to draw with a pencil. But it is a fact that you won’t learn to write faster or better if your pen or pencil is more expensive.

A beautiful handwriting or a good drawing requires skill. Time and time again you practice your motor skills to gain control over your fingers so you can get the idea that is in your head, drawn on paper. Some people are born with this talent, without much practice they have a beautiful handwriting from childhood onwards or they can make the most beautiful drawings. Other people need to practise over and over to gain a similar result.

Photography is a skill you can learn

The same thing really counts for photography, it’s all about learning to look. How does the light fall on your object, what does the reflection do, how do you create a good composition, and what does it take to catch a feeling or emotion in that one moment?

Everyone can make photos

Some people have a talent for photography and never did any course. At least not in terms of the way they look at their subject. But technical knowledge of your equipment offers more possibilities to create images you really want. See it as a set of pencils, if you know the properties of your pencils well, you can use them in more ways. For most people who are going to photograph, a good course in photography means that they can quickly get good results. And good results mean they are motivated to continue photographing.

Expensive camera starting with photography

Starting with photography can be done with a smartphoneWith an expensive camera you don’t make better photos. However, it is true that a more expensive camera often contains better or more advanced techniques and therefore offers different possibilities.
But it is still up to the photographer to use this technique as effectively as possible to create his perfect photos. If you buy an expensive camera and for instance only shoot on “automatic”, you make little use of the camera’s technical capabilities. Your photos don’t get much better so the camera turns into a waste of money. In that case, photography is expensive and you will loose the fun of it easily. Remember, even with a Smartphone you can take beautiful photos, it is just a different tool than a DSLR.

In addition to the necessary knowledge and skills that you acquired at school when learning to write and draw, later in life you will discover a specific preference for a pen or pencil type. A fountain pen or ballpoint pen have different properties, like wax or pencils. You may still have to discover your favourite tool for your photography.

Starting with photography is not expensive

Starting with photographyStarting with photography does not have to be expensive at all. Then, of course, there is the question of what material you need. I usually recommend a DSLR camera because you have lots of options when it comes to a lens. This is important, because the lens defines the image you are creating more than the body. The camera can be seen as the old film roll, which is fixed and changes little. The lens determines how and which light enters the camera and therefore actually takes your photo. Therefore, it is better to cut down on the camera body than on the lens.

Staring with photography

If you want some help starting with photography, feel free to send me a message. If you don’t know what gear you should buy, I can sure give you some advice. You can also find some information about my photography courses and masterclasses on my website. They too can help you develop your talents.