Preparing for a photoshoot

Preparing for a photoshoot is very important, not only for me as a photographer, but also for all other participants. After all, you do not want to walk in and discover that you have forgotten essential items.

In addition, there may be a few things you should take into account that you might not have thought of yet. Hence a few free tips below.

Preparing for a photoshoot – Skin

Preparing for a photoshoot - The Dutch PhotographerGood skin care is important, after all, that’s what you see in the photos. Prevent your skin from dehydration by drinking enough water in the days before. Healthy eating also contributes to healthier skin.

Are you planning to visit a beautician to have yourself epilated, waxed or treated, make sure you do this at least 2 days before the shoot. Otherwise you run the risk that your skin is still irritated during the photoshoot, this will be immediately visible in the photo.

If necessary, use a body lotion on the evening before the photo shoot. This makes your skin look healthy and groomed. Don’t do this a few hours before the shoot. This will cause your skin to shine, something we want to prevent during the shoot.

From lying in the sun or under a sunbed your skin will dry out as well. In addition, avoid getting sunburned, the reddish skin often won’t look nice on a photo.

Do not use a self-brown or spray-tan for a photo shoot. The treatment will often look spotty and does not look natural to the image.

Also make sure your fingers and nails look neat.

Preparing for a photoshoot – Facial hair

Make sure facial hair is neatly cared for. If you have a beard/ moustache, make sure that it is also neatly cared for. Also think of nose and ear hair and check your eyebrows.

Preparing for a photoshoot – Clothing Preparing for a photoshoot - TheDuPho

Do not wear tight-fitting clothing on the journey to the photoshoot! The clothes will leave visible lines on your skin that usually remain visible for at least half an hour.

For all clothing, it is of course important that it should look clean, tidy and not worn (unless it is part of the garment).

If you don’t know what type of clothes you should bring to a shoot, here is an idea for a basic set:
3 different trousers
3 different shirts or sweaters (bring your favourite one)
3 different t-shirts (without big prints or texts)
3 boxers (different brands/ colors/ prints)
1 outer jacket
extra shoes and socks
accessories you like such as sunglasses, hats, etc. that typically suit you
gel or wax for your hair
a towel
drinking water and food

Preparing for a photoshoot – location

If we are going to work at an outside or deserted location, take into account that we might have limited toilet facilities, water, heating and electricity. Therefore, if it is cold outside, for example, bring warm clothing, but if it is hot and sunny, bring sun protector.

Preparing for a photoshoot – agreement

Don’t forget to bring your copy of the “Permission for photography“, and also read the Frequently Asked Questions, so you will know how I work and what you can expect during and after a photoshoot.