Boys Like Me

Do you know my feeling? Homosexuality has often been in the news in the recent months. But how is it when you grow up as a gay teenager?

It wasn’t until I was 38 that I felt safe enough to get out of the closet. Yet I still find it a difficult subject to talk about, but through my photography I can express myself better. That’s why I made my photo book “Boys Like Me”.

Yassin Toumi by The Dutch Photographer“Boys Like Me” is about me and how I felt, growing up as a teenager. As my longing for boys grew, it was in contradiction with my attempts to meet the expectations of people around me. I didn’t feel safe anywhere and walked away from myself. Where others proudly told about their first girlfriend, I avoided any question about it. What remained was frustration, sorrow and anger for who I was.

My book contains beautiful black and white photos that show how I have struggled over the past 20 years with sincere feelings that I couldn’t express anywhere else. The book has about 120 pages wrapped in a softcover, and I have ordered only 100 books.

What I could use now is your help! After all, printing a book costs a lot of money.

Preview of Boys Like Me

Check the video with a short preview with some of the photos that you will see in my book.

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