Portrait photography

Thanks for being interested in my portrait photography. Since I started making portraits a few years ago, I haven’t stopped. Almost 90% of the photos I make are a form of portrait photography.

When you are looking to get yourself some great portrait photos than you have come to the right address.

Creating amazing portrait photos starts with some preparation by the both of us. To help you prepare to your best I have created a page with tips preparing for a photoshoot.

Portrait photography

Making a portrait is an interaction between you, me and my camera. In a way I will be showing you what I recognise about myself in you. I am focust on the unforced and pure emotions of people.

When we start together with your portrait photos, we will be talking about things that happen in our daily lives. Don’t worry about me making photos while you are talking. With digital photography sitting still and being quiet isn’t always required, I’ll just make some extra photos and select the best ones. But if you prefer to sit still, that is fine too. I will still make photos and maybe ask you to sit or stand in different poses.

Depending on the amount of time we have together, you can change your outfit so we can create some different looks.

Clothing for portrait photography

If you don’t exactly know what to bring to your photoshoot. Here is a list I always ask people to bring when I work with them on one of my projects;

  • 3 different trousers
  • 2 different pullovers
  • 2 different t-shirts
  • some accessories such as sunglasses, hats, etc. that typically suit you
  • gel or wax to style your hair
  • a clean towel

Depending on the location where we will start our portrait photography, you might also want to bring some drinking water, food, suncream or warm clothes.

Wouter Bloemsma by The Dutch Photographer
Male Model Photoshoot - Jaco Oskam
Graduation project 2018 - The Dutch Photographer
Bradley by The Dutch Photographer
Dutch Portrait Photographer Amsterdam
Heroes - Martijn