Stuck in a Frame

Stuck in a Frame

Often I would like to just run away from myself. But no matter where I go… I feel like I am locked in frame where I can’t get out of. It’s much like a model in a photo, no matter how hard they try, they are always limited by the frame I keep them in.

Same goes for the choices you make in life. They are always framed given the circumstances you are in. You have to rely on the fact that they are always the choices at the moment you make them. But it is always the best, given the circumstances and knowledge you have at that specific moment.

But when I look back at my life, I judge on myself for making many poor choices.

It’s these poor choices that I made in my life, that seem to hunt me and keep me down in a frame I don’t want to be in. A frame that has formed itself in my mind, and my mind alone.

Even though I know people will always judge me no matter what I do, didn’t do, have done or will do, their opinion shouldn’t matter to me. But it does.

With this going on in the back of my mind, I have been working on a project with Kris Adem. His movements are amazing and really visualise and match my feelings of the week before.

Dancer : Kris Adem