Photoshoot information

Here is some photoshoot information that you might want to know before we start. But let me start bij thanking you for your interest to participate in a photoshoot with me.

For my Dutch friends, you can click here and download the information in Dutch:

Informatie over het project

For the English version, you can continue reading here.

Permission for photography

Photoshoot information Portrait photography
For me it is important to have your permission to make the photos during the shoot. Go to the Permission for photography page and read the document that you must print and sign. At the bottom of that web page you can find a link where you can download the document.

If you are a minor, it is important to have this document read and signed by a parent. If you are not able to print and no parent can come along to the shoot, make sure you get a written letter from them in which they write that I am allowed to photograph you and that they agree to the regulations as provided in the link.

At the bottom of this photoshoot information sheet there are a few specific things I would like to ask you to bring along to the shoot.

Photoshoot information – What will we do

You can see some examples of my previous work in my portfolio and on this page. This is the basis from which I continue to work. For my my projects I work with different themes. Keep in mind that you might be shirtless on some of the photos. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, please let me know in advance. For some themes shirtless photos might be essential, but than I’ll have to find a different theme for your shoot.

Photoshoot information – What do you get

Photoshoot information  by The Dutch Photographer
You will receive a link within 4 weeks after the shoot to download your photos. The link will contain between 4 and 8 edited photos. The photos have a resolution of at least 72ppi with 1000 pixels (longest side) so you can use them online. The photos however cannot be printed and additional unprocessed photos are never sent.

Photoshoot information – Using the photos

The photos may be used for personal use only. For example, you can upload them on your own portfolio (website and social media) to promote yourself. The photos may not be made available to others, loaned or sold without written permission from The Dutch Photographer. We call this permission a license and is only given to you, it is not transferable to others.

Photoshoot information – Mention the photographer

When you use the photos online, it should be clear and immediately visible that “@thedupho” or The Dutch Photographer is the creator of the photo. In addition, a link and tag should be placed to the corresponding platform as mentioned below.

Photoshoot information – Editing or cropping

It is not allowed to crop, cut or edit the photos in any way. This also means that no filters can be used for texts and/or logos can be placed on the photos.

If you find it necessary or desirable to modify an image, please contact me before you do.

Preparing for your photoshoot

A good preparation is important, not only for me as a photographer, but also for you as a participant. After all, you too do not want to find out that you have forgotten things at home.

In addition, there may be things you should take into account that you might not have thought of yet. Hence below a few tips for you.

Photoshoot information – Skincare and nails

Photoshoot information  by The Dutch Photographer
Good skin care is important, after all, that’s what you will see in the photos next to clothes. Prevent your skin from drying out during a shoot by drinking enough water in the days before.

Healthy eating also contributes to healthier skin.

Are you planning to visit a beautician to have yourself epilated, waxed or treated in any way, make sure you do this at least 2 days before the shoot. Otherwise you run the risk that your skin is still irritated and this will be immediately visible in the photo.

If necessary, use a body lotion on the evening before the photo shoot. This makes your skin look healthy and groomed. Don’t do this a few hours before the shoot. That might cause your skin to shine, something we want to prevent during the shoot.

From lying in the sun or under a sunbed your skin dries out, so don’t do that in the days before the photoshoot. With photoshop we can always give you a tan if necessary. In addition, avoid getting your skin burned. The red burned and irritated skin will be visible on a photo.

Also do not use a self-brown or spray-tan for a photo shoot. The color is often spotty and unnatural on a photo. Just let me photoshop that if needed.

Make sure your fingers and nails look neat and don’t forget your feet, just in case your bare feet might be one the photo.

Photoshoot information – (Facial) hair care

Portrait Photographer Photoshoot information
Make sure facial hair is neatly cared for. If you have a beard or moustache, make sure that it is also neatly cared for. Also check your nose and ears for hair and don’t forget about your eyebrows.

Photoshoot information – Clothes

Do not wear tight-fitting clothing on the outward journey before the shoot. Especially if you know you will be posing shirtless. The stripes that tight clothes leave behind might remain visible for half an hour or more.

For all clothing, it is important that it should look clean, neat and not worn (unless it is part of the garment).

Photoshoot information – Bring along

For the shoot I would like to ask you to bring the following items:

  • 3 different trousers
  • 2 different pullovers
  • 3 different t-shirts
  • accessories such as sunglasses, hats, etc. that typically suit you
  • gel or wax for your hair
  • towel
  • drinking water and food (depending on the location)

Option (but not necessarily):
If you have hobbies or do sports, bring items like your musical instrument or sports outfit with you as well. You can also bring another item that symbolises who you are or what you like to do.

Photoshoot information – Time

Photoshoot information
I have to plan time for your shoot, but often I also have appointments before or after the shoot. Therefore please make sure that you are on time, if you are later or something unexpectedly gets in between, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions or ideas to put in my photoshoot information sheet, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


Arjan Spannenburg
The Dutch Photographer


The Dutch Photographer - Arjan Spannenburg