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Welcome to our Photo Art Shop and thank you very much for your interest in our creative products. We’re sure you can find something that will make your day!

Remember, you can always contact us so we can create a personalised artwork, especially for you. For this there are many options, including private artworks. Just contact us so we can discuss your desires and see if they match our possibilities.  We are sure we can work something out.

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Currently you only find my Photo Art books on this page. If you are looking to purchase artworks made by Arjan Spannenburg, you can contact Zerp Galerie in Rotterdam.

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Boys Like Me [SOLD OUT]

Do you know my feeling? Homosexuality has often been in the news in the recent months. But how is it when you grow up as a gay teenager? It wasn’t until I was 38 that I felt safe enough to get out of the closet. Yet I still find it a difficult subject to talk[…]

Valreep for ever

Valreep for ever was photographed on the 19th of October 2013 in Amsterdam. It was merely a coincidence that I walked into this group of people after school. The group had already passed the Photography Academy several times. I figured Amsterdam was once again startled by a demonstration. With a lot of noise, a caravan[…]

Beyond Innocence

Beyond innocence is magazine about a boy named Bart who grew up using drugs at a young age. He moved in my home for a few months where I photographed him on numerous occasions. From some of the photos he was aware that I made them, from others he didn’t know. Beyond Innocence – Mind[…]

Judo is a metaphor for life

“Judo is a metaphor for life” is a booklet with quotes about judo and the development of young people. In January of 2014 I came in contact with Sportschool Goederaad, they asked me if I could photograph their Judo Tournament. This tournament to me, was very inspiring and it didn’t take very long before I[…]

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