Nominated by the jury of Morepixx 2020

Worldwide there are many photography contests, but there is only one I know of that focuses on gay fetish art. My work lends itself very good with this theme and even got nominated by a jury.

To win I’m going to need your help. But first let me explain a little about my nominated artworks.


Within good interactions with each other we can feel and understand each other. This by sometimes mirroring each other. Mirroring our emotions, actions and growing trust. To me this is something that is very important when I’m active in the fetish scene. Boundaries are not to be violated, but are to be discover together.


Desire is a complex emotion of which we are barely aware, most of the time. This desire can form itself in an emotion where one travels to another place or ambience of existence. Rapture is the moment a guy receives the emotion he desires most.

Photos for an international fetish photography contest aren’t the standard photos which you see on a daily base. But grab this unique opportunity to take a glance at the artworks from the fetish world, a world that often remains hidden for most people.

You can find the photos on And of course don’t forget to vote on my work!