Models wanted – Project Heroes

Would you like to be a model in one of my projects? Read more about this project and maybe we will meet soon!

In the summer of 2017 I got in contact with Querijn Hensen, a talented swimmer. What I didn’t expect was that he was a paralympic swimmer.

It made me wonder how boys with physical limitations grow up different from other boys? I noticed that I could not always see when someone has physical limitations.

I myself grew up without any real physical limitations, although I have always been a bit heavy. But I have never been able to really set my focus to become really good in any sports.

When I try to think how life is different for boys who grow up with physical limitations, I am extra amazed when I see how dedicated they can be in sports. Wether it is a ‘over’ compensation mechanism or it is just their dedication, I think they are real heroes.

For my project Heroes I am looking for:

Teenage boys with physical limitations who would like to be photographed. During the shoot I will make some portraits and I will make some photos while you are training.

Send us a message if you would like to join this project, or if you know somebody who might want to become part of Project Heroes.

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