Kickboksgala Kurhaus 2019 Den Haag
Kickboksgala Kurhaus 2019 Den Haag

Welcome to the photography blog post of the Kickboksgala Kurhaus 2019 Den Haag. Arjan Spannenburg took these photos with great pleasure and passion.

You might have seen him wandering around with his camera during the event. When he got asked by Hit and Health and to capture this event Arjan Spannenburg didn’t hesitate to say yes.
Not only is Hotel Kurhaus such an incredible location, the event itself is amazing. So many talented men and women and so much support. Capturing this is just one of the best projects to work on.
Are you also curious about the pictures taken Saturday October 12th during the Kickboks and Boxing gala in the Kurhaus in The Hague?

Below you will find the pictures where you also have the option to buy them for yourself. Nice to have for your scrapbook or maybe a big one for on your wall!

Because art, that’s what you are!

(The easiest way to order the photos is on the computer)

If you have any questions about the pictures please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form on our website.

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