In search of sex(uality)

Thanks for your interest in my photography and specifically the project “In search of sex(uality)”.

With the development of smartphones also came dating apps like Grindr, Hornet, Recon or Scruff, making it very easy to find and connect to other gay guys. More and more young gay guys are making use of these apps to connect with each other. This has a big influence on their sexual development and identity.

In search of sex(uality)

For this project I want to photograph young guys in search of their sex(uality). Underneath you find a moodboard to give you an impression of the kind of images I want to make. But if you have any great ideas, let me know and maybe we can combine them. Where you want to be photographed and how you are photographed is up to you. I can come to your home and photograph you in there, but you are also welcome at my home.

On the “how” is one exception; I don’t photograph anything that isn’t allowed to be posted on instagram. Not that I care much about instagram, and I don’t mind nude photos, but I don’t make pornographic or explicit nude images.

Stay anonymous

If you would like to join this project, but you prefer to stay anonymous, just let me know. There are several ways to work around this.

How to join

Joining is very simple, all you have to do is contact me via grindr, instagram, email or whatsapp. If I have time I will grab my camera, lights and head towards you right away. You will need to sign a permission for photography before we start the shoot. This allows me to use the photos for my project.

After the shoot, I will make a selection of the photos and I will edit them. You will receive the edited photos via a link that you can use online (more information about this can be found in de FAQ)

Can everybody join?

The age limit to join this project will be set to approximately 25 years. This blog however is the starting point of this project. Like every project I do, they are under continuous development, so everybody can send me an e-mail or message asking me to join this project. Let me know when you are interested 🙂

The images in this moodboard are not made by me, but they give you an impression of my inspiration.


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