Permission for photography

Give your Permission for photography

Underneath you find the text of our “Permission for photography”. Read the document carefully.  At the bottom of the page you find a button, click it to download the form. You can download it, print it and fill in the details, just don’t forget to bring your print to the shoot.

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The Dutch Photographer - Arjan Spannenburg

Permission for Photography

The undersigned,

name :

born on :

street :

city :

e-mail :

mobilephone :

Hereinafter referred to as ‘model’.

Declares herewith for the benefit of The Dutch Photographer, hereinafter referred to as ‘photographer’.

1. The model thereby grants the photographer the right to publish and/or reproduce and/or otherwise use the photographs made of him/her for an unlimited time and amount without any limits (hereinafter summarized as publication at any time, in any way, in any size and in any context and by the photographer desired, both in the Netherlands and abroad).

2. The permission given above includes all publications in or for the purpose of advertising (including idealistic advertising) for any products, services or ideas.

3. The model declares that he/she will not receive any financial means and has no claim against the photographer.

4. The model already waives the right to invoke changed circumstances in advance.

5. The photographer is authorised to transfer the rights from this agreement.

6. The model hereby declares that it does not require the permission of anyone to have this declaration valid. If the model is a minor, the legal representative shall co-sign this declaration signed as follows:

Place and date:

Signature of model:

Signature of legal representative (parent/guardian):

The Dutch Photographer - Arjan Spannenburg