What languages do you speak?

When I’m doing a photoshoot, I can speak Dutch, English and German.

Do you charge travel expenses?

When we agree to work on a project together, you will receive a fixed price (excl. 21% tax). This price includes everything, also the possible travel expenses. No unexpected surprises afterwards.

Do I have a say in the kind of photos you make?

Of course you have a say in this if it is your photoshoot. When you want something specific, it is wise to present us an example in advance.

If you you cooperate in a project of The Dutch Photographer, you usually don’t have a say in this. But you can always send a good idea or a request and we’ll see what’s possible.

Is it possible to print a photo on paper, canvas, plexiglas, wood, perspex or aluminum?

Yes it is.

Depending your wishes, we can send you the high resolution digital files so you can print the photos without any limitations. We can also provide the prints for you in all sorts of different formats at your request, just contact us.

Do you send all digital files?

I don’t give all the files that I make during a shoot. Only the ones that are good and selected will be edited and only these files will be sent.

If you have a good reason and you prefer to receive all the files, including the unedited ones, this will have to become part of our agreement.

I didn't find my question, what can I do?

Contact us via contact@thedutchphotographer.com, use the contact form or contact us via one of our social media channels.

Are you expensive?

It is up to you to decide wether we give value for your money.

Sure, there are many other photographers who might have lower rates. You can also buy a pair of pants for €10 while most people prefer a higher quality product which costs more.

We run a company that provides creative products of hight quality. To be able to do this we need to invest in quality equipment, advanced education and broad development of our team.

If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our top service and quality products.

Can I get a free photoshoot?

Whenever we do a photoshoot, we have to travel to a location. This can be a studio an outdoor location, your home or any other place that suits us for the shoot, but it costs money. Also the camera and lights costs money since they can only be used for a certain time before they need to be replaced. Therefor we don’t do shoots for free if we don’t see an option to compensate the investment costs.

What are TFP shoots?

TFP originates from the term “Time for print”. With the rise of digital photography and the online use of photos, this term has lost it’s description. Today we might better talk about TFP as “Time for Portfolio”.

In many online photography communities TFP is used to describe an arrangement between a model and a photographer, and other team members. The photographer agrees to provide the model and the team with a number of photos. Often there is a limited license to the use of the photos.

Do you do TFP shoots?


We wish to keep all licenses to the photos we make. This means that whenever people choose to work with us, they will have to give us the unlimited rights to the use of photos.

What kind of photos do I get?

You never know.

A moodboard that is used is merely a starting point for a project. When I work on a project, there are many influences that define the final result. Even after making the photos, the editing can change many times, influenced by other peoples opinions, ideas, trends and so on. The final result of a project will come from my creativity, emotions, ideas and undefined factors, they can be very different every time.

If you require photos with a specific purpose like casting or your portfolio, you might want to reconsider joining a project. If you need a product that meets your requirements, you should hire me to work for you.

Why do I have to sign a Permission for Photography?

When you work on a project with The Dutch Photographer, you will have to sign an agreement that includes  a “Permission for Photography”. Signing this agreement allows us to use the photos and other media we make during a session without any limits. Without this content, we are not able to work with you.

Read the text here : “Permission for Photography

Can I print the photos from a project?

When you work with us on a project, you don’t have to pay for the photos. In return for your time you will receive the digital photos with a minimum resolution of 1000 pixels and a resolution of 72ppi.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a print.

There is a logo on my photo, can I get one without it?

Yes. There are some possibilities, but you will have to contact us for that.

When I join a project, can I use the photos unlimited?

If you work on a project with us, you will received and agree to the following guidelines regarding to the use of photos.

All rights to the photos, images, videos and other media that where created during a project, belong to The Dutch Photographer.

Photos may not be sold under any circumstances. Also, the photographs may not be used by others (third parties) to promote themselves, a brand or product.

The photos may be used by you for your portfolio, website and social media as long as you mention and tag The Dutch Photographer as explained below.


Whenever the photos are used, it should be clear to your viewers that the photo/ image was made by “The Dutch Photographer”.

In order to do this you are required to mention, tag and link “The Dutch Photographer” corresponding to the platform as mentioned below:






or www.thedutchphotographer.com for all other platforms.

I had a shoot a long time ago, but I have lost the photos. What should I do?

If you are lucky, we still have the photos. Just contact us!

If it is within three months, we might still have them in our Dropbox and we can send you a link. If the photos are already in our back-up system, we might still be able to send them to you. In this case, it will take some time and we will have to charge a small fee you for the extra work.

I heard you also make websites.

Yes we do indeed. When I was younger I studied Communication Systems in Utrecht (The Netherlands) where I learned how to develop websites.

On request I still like to help people and start-ups with the development of their website.

Why do you use WordPress?

WordPress is a user-friendly platform, this means you can easily edit your own website, reducing a lot of costs for it’s maintenance.

Do I get my own domain name?

Yes. When we build your website, we will also provide you with a domain name of your choice (if it is available) and the required hosting.

The Dutch Photographer - Arjan Spannenburg