Everybody says I’m not alone

Everybody says I'm not alone

Everybody says I'm not alone

When you read the title, what did you read? Did you think everybody is telling the boy he is not alone? Or was it that everybody is telling the boy that they are not alone themselves?

For me feeling alone is a fact of life we probably all have to deal with from time to times. While growing up everybody will develop their own way of dealing with loneliness. Some people turn out to actually really like it, but not me. I hate it, I have always hated it and I will mos likely never stop hating it.

I guess when I grew up, I just spend to much time feeling alone.

In my opinion, nobody should feel alone. For me it is a sign that society is failing when people feel left out, forgotten or alone. It is only possible because people are not taking care of others around them. Especially young people should never feel alone, like I did. It is already complex enough to grow up with so many difficult decisions you have to make about your future and who you will become. Loneliness doesn’t make it any easier.

But in 2017 people tend to only look very super visual at what they see. Social Media makes us believe everybody’s life is close to perfect. But when I look at people, I often see the images that weren’t made or posted. I see the stories that they didn’t write or poste. I see the loneliness in people around me.

Sometimes I’m surprised other people don’t see that loneliness. It is almost like people don’t expect others to be alone, maybe it is because they try to hide it from the world.

When I talk with people about loneliness… everybody says I’m not alone.