Don’t threaten me!

It took me some time to overthink some things that happened a week ago.

Svenpuppy who threatened me to tell people about my fetish photos.
Svenpuppy threatened to tell people about my fetish photos.

I promote my photography in many ways. I tell everybody about my photos, I use online profiles on social media like Instagram and Facebook, but I also use apps like Grindr and Recon. These gay-dating apps make it easier to find and connect to people who understand and like my photography and the projects that I do.

But last week things changed when I was contacted by a person who had recently set up an anonymous account on Recon, named Svenpuppy. For people who don’t know Recon, this is an app where fetish lovers connect to each other. This Svenpuppy told me he was following me on Instagram and wanted me to be his master. This I denied. I explained him that I was not interested and only wanted to make fetish-art related photos.

Than the chat suddenly changed into a threat.

This person told me he would tell everybody on Instagram that I also made Fetish photos. At first I felt a bit scared, slightly panicked. The feeling was similar to the idea I have had for years, about people discovering I was gay. I fear some parents might object to me making photos of their son and maybe some organisations might not want to cooperate with me anymore.

But here is a big FUCK YOU to people who try to threaten or blackmail me!

I refuse to be threatened or made felt ashamed for any of the artworks or projects that I do. If people don’t want to work with me because of who I am and what I do, that is their good right. But I will not hide myself anymore!

Fetish by The Dutch Photographer

Fetish by The Dutch Photographer

Curious to more fetish photos?

I have also been to Darklands 2018 in Antwerpen. This is a gay fetish event in Antwerpen. People for all over the world come to Antwerpen to meet other fetish lovers. But there is also a huge Fetish market where people can see, feel and try the newest fetish items on the market.

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Classic meets Fetish - Folsom 2017 in Berlin
Classic meets Fetish – Folsom 2017 in Berlin