Commercial photography

Thank you for your interest in our commercial photography. On this page you will find some information about our commercial photography projects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so we can talk about all the possibilities.

There are many definitions in photography that could cause misunderstanding. The use of a photo defines the type of photography in which different fees will apply. Therefor it is important for us both to understand what we mean with these definitions and what we can expect from each other. We prefer to have a meeting and talk about our project so we can agree to the details before the start of a project.

Commercial photography

We work with a day price which includes the following:

  • Creating a mood board that will be send to you before the shoot. A moodboard gives you an impression of details like the atmosphere, hair/ make-up, clothing, environment, other relevant details. This moodboard needs to be approved prior to the shootingday.
  • 8 hours photography
  • 1 correction phase
  • Two buy-outs for the period of 1 year


A buy-out is a category for which you can use the photos. A buy-out is always linked to a specific period during which the use of the image is permitted. The period and the number of buy-outs shall be laid down in our agreement. The more buy-outs and the longer the period, the more favourable the rates are.

Of course it is also possible to extend a period of time or the buy-out at a later time. We will than provide you with a different rate, but I’m sure we can work this out.

1 buy-out is meant as a license for 1 of the following uses:

  • Online on the company website
  • Online on the company’s social media
  • POS (points of sale) refers to the physical outlets where, for example, the images are hung on the ceiling or placed inside the shop.
  • Shopping window
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines
  • Online advertising
  • Abri’s
  • Brochure/leaflets
  • Packaging materials for products
  • TV commercials
  • Billboard

Not included in the dayprice are costs for:

  • Models including buy-out
  • Rent of specific lights
  • Assistant
  • Image processing (EUR 65 per image)
  • Styling
  • Visagogue
  • Shopping budget
  • Rent/Lease of a location
  • Permits for sites
  • Unforeseen costs

Exclusive license

An exclusive license limits The Dutch Photographer to grant a license for his work to other clients. An exclusive license can be provided to you if one is needed. This however needs to be negotiated in our agreement prior to a commercial photography project. An exclusive license can be given on aspects like the use on certain media, industry, language, territory, time period, etc.

Non-exclusive license

The Dutch Photographer can grant the same or similar licenses on photos to other users. Unless otherwise negotiated, licenses given by The Dutch Photographer are always non-exclusive.

Click if you require an estimation of our professional photographer rates.

Bradley by The Dutch Photographer
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Some Times - The Dutch Photographer
Photo taken outside a photo studio
Commercial photography by The Dutch Photographer
Commercial photography by The Dutch Photographer