Coming out

My coming out project

What really scared me about photography was how I was supposed to tell or show things about myself. I wasn’t really prepared coming out, which made things complicated for me during my study.

I figured I was already showing a lot about myself, but people wanted to know what I was showing. I often refused to talk about this and I avoided these kind of situations. I have gotten into a lot of arguments, which is probably the stupidest but easiest way to get out of a complicated situation.

Coming out - The Dutch Photographer

The project came to mind after I had a basic photoshoot with Dave van Thijn. During the photoshoot he told me how he was struggling being gay, while he really wanted to join the army. It wasn’t difficult for me to talk about this subject with him, because I was working in the army. Dave eventually didn’t finish the training and he never became a soldier.

Relate to coming out

With the story Dave told me, I could relate very good. So I figured that Dave would be the prefect model to pose for a project about coming out. This way I could show the story without people realizing this is actually very similar to my story. I asked Dave if he wanted to help me with my project and luckily he was happy to do so.

Quote : “In the theatre of life, you have to push yourself out of the closet where people try to put you in.”

This photo consists of three images which I took using a tripod. The first photo was the part on the left of Dave cominging out of the closet for the background. The other two photos are blended together and photoshopped, so Dave is pushing himself out of the closet. To finish it, I also made some photographical adjustments and improved some minor details to create the photo as it is.

Coming out is life changing

I can honesty say this is one of my most life changing photography projects I have ever made, because I really chose to show people something about myself. I did however tell Dave’s story to many people as an excuse to why I made this project. But in the end, it is my struggle as well.